Siem Reap silk farm


Silk farm located around 15km from Siem Reap city. There are many options of transportation to get there either Car, bus, minivans, Tuk Tuk or rent bicycle or motorcycle drive on your own. 

Silk farm create in 1992 by many organizations supported. Nowadays silk farm becomes one of the famous tourists attractions for Siem Reap visitors. Silk farm open free entry for all visitors who wanted to learn how do they produce silk and wanted to understand how to process before getting the silk scarfs, silk cloths, silk bedcovers…etc. silk farm is an organization who willing to help all poor students, poor people who can’t afford for the school fee so they can come to learn, skill work after they knew there work properly they can start working and get salary for their job. Silk farm is the same company with Artisans D’ Angkor. 

If you make a city tour in Siem Reap city silk farm should be on your lists because it is very interesting how to processing silk before they get a proper silk scarf or cloths…etc. 

Q .Why should I go to silk farm ? 

A. The reason why you go to visit silk farm because you will see details how many steps did they do before getting silk products and when you come to silk farm you can buy a real Cambodian silk without worry that it real or not real especially when you buy silk from them mean that you can help my poor students who work in silk farm as well. 
Q. How long does it take to get to silk farm ? 

A. It take around 30 minutes from Siem Reap city to silk farm. 

Q. Do we need a tour guide from Siem Reap if we want to visit silk farm ?

A. No you don’t need a tour guide from Siem Reap city because they provide free tour guide to explain you everything about how to processing silk and all the steps. 

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