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Angkor Area Flexible Day Tour

Experience the real colour of the Cambodia with an unforgettable day around Siem Reap. Visit the iconic Angkor Wat at the least crowded times, discovering the history from knowledgeable, english fluent temple guides in the hands of cautious and very safe drivers. Choose your pickup time and preferred destinations from a flexible itinerary which makes the best use…

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Ta Prohm temple or The great jungle temple 

Ta Prohm Temple or The Great Jungle Temple Ta Prohm Temple was built by King Jayavarman VII in the late 12th – early 13th centuries and is a Buddist temple dedicated to his mother. Ta Prohm is the modern name but it was originally called Rajavihara (Monastery of the King). It is located in Angkor…

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Old market Siem Reap ( Phasar Chas )

Old Market – Phasar Chas (Angkor Night Market) Siem Reap The Old Market is the oldest local market in Siem Reap city. It has become very famous with tourists due to its reasonable prices, huge variety of merchandise and local produce. It is also very much a market for the locals and offers a real…

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Sunset on top of phnom Bakheng 

Sunset atop Phnom Bakheng hill. The top of Phnom Bakheng hill is the best sunset spot in Siem Reap! Why you ask? The answer is; BECAUSE IT IS!! After exploring the Angkor complex a for good part of the day, tourists should spend an evening watching the sunset from atop Phnom Bakheng hill. From there you…

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Cambodia Country ( Sovann Phum or Golden land )

Cambodia (Kampuchea) is the located in Southeast Asia bordering Thailand, Lao and Vietnam. Cambodia is officially known as Kingdom of Cambodia (ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា Preah Reacheanachak Kampuchea). Cambodia was under French Colonial rule from 1863 to 1953. After 90 years of French rule there was finally independence and. peace from 1954 to 1970, so during this time…

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Preah Vihear Temple or Prasad Preah Vihear 

heaven temple

Preah Vihear Temple or Prasad Preah Vihear Preah Vihear Temple was built in the reign of King Suryavarman I and Suryavarman II in the 11th – 12th centuries on top of Dangrek Mountain which is 525 meters high (1722 feet). It is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva and is an outstanding masterpiece in the…

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Prasad Thom at Koh Ker group 

Prasad Thom now known as Koh Ker Temple was built during the reign of King Jayavarman IV and Hashavarman II in the years 928-944 AD. It is located around 120km (75 miles) from Siem Reap city and was the capital city of the Khmer Empire at one time. This amazing Temple has 7 levels and…

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Cambodia eVisa and Entry points

There seems to be a lot of confusion about Visa’s, how much they cost and where and when to get them, and finally what to do on arrival. To help deal with this,the government decided  to set up some e-visa system, and some customers have applied for a e-visa online, and it does speed the…

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Additional Costs

Traveler Tips

**All prices are quoted in USD as Siem Reap ATMs dispense USD.   ***My price covers the car, the driver(that’s me !) my local knowledge, and once we are outside the Angkor Area Temples, I can accompany you everywhere, and explain about attractions, local customs & oddities. The price does not include either the cost of a professional…

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Guided Travel & Tour Guides

Traffic and parking being what they are around Angkor Wat, and the rules which require a licensed Temple Guide within most Temples in the Angkor complex means if you need a ‘Tour Guide’ to accompany you as you walk around we need to get someone to come along and this usually will increase the price…

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