average wage for Cambodian


Q/ What is the average wage for Cambodian ?

A/ The average wage for Cambodian people is 150$-300$ per month.

Q/ what is the average salary for university degree ?

A/ university degree would get salary from 400$-1,000$ depending on their profession and skills.

Example: breakfast in local restaurants from 1.5$ – 3$ , lunch from 2$-4$, dinner from 2$-5$ in normal restaurants. Coffee from 0.50$ – 2.5$ depending on what shop & coffee brand they drinks.

Rent: one room ( kitchen, toilet , one bed ) around 60$-80$ , one apartment two beds rooms from 150$-300$.

Most of people who earn from 150$-300$ mostly rent in the room from 60$-80$ and cook at home not eating outside especially both women and men must work so be able to survive living in city.

People who earn from 400$-1,000$ mostly rent in a bit higher from 150$-300$ according to their favorite. These people mostly eat breakfast & lunch outside and dinner they cook at home. If men earn 1,000$ per month it is enough to survive so women do not need to work so they just be a housewife is fine for them.

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