Which country colonized Cambodia ?

November 25, 2018

Q/ Which country colonized Cambodia ? A/ Cambodia been colonized by France from 1863-1953 we received independence from France on 9th November 1953.

Cambodian pepper

November 25, 2018

Q/ Where does Cambodian pepper come from ? A/ Cambodian pepper originally from India in the year 1840. Q/ Where does it grow in Cambodia ? A/ Cambodian pepper grow mainly in Kompot province but now there are many provinces starting to grow like , Kompong Cham, Preah Vihear, Siem Reap , Mondokiri, Ratanakiri… etc

1 day in Siem Reap

November 22, 2018

Q/ What are the best temples to see in Siem Reap if we have only one day ? A/ If you have one day start early: – Sunrise at Angkor Wat ( Start at 4:45am ) – Angkor Thom ( Bayon ) – Ta Prohm ( Tom Rider temple ) – Banteay Srei ( Pink…

Can we see Preah Vihear, Koh Ker and Beng Mealea in a single day ?

November 22, 2018

Q/ Can we cover Preah Vihear, Koh Ker and Beng Mealea ? What time would be finished if possible ? A/ Yes we can finish Preah Vihear, Koh Ker and Beng Mealea in one day, the tour will finish around 12 hours later so perhaps from 7am to 7pm ! Q/ How long does it…

Cambodia visa by arrival

November 22, 2018

Q/ Can we get Cambodian visa by arrival ? A/ Yes you can get Visa on the arrival either airport or Cambodia and some of the international border crossings, remember to bring a passport sized photograph and about US$30 in cash, or equivalent in Thai Baht for example. $US dollars are the best currency to…

average wage for Cambodian

November 22, 2018

Q/ What is the average wage for Cambodian ? A/ The average wage for Cambodian people is 150$-300$ per month. Q/ what is the average salary for university degree ? A/ university degree would get salary from 400$-1,000$ depending on their profession and skills. Example: breakfast in local restaurants from 1.5$ – 3$ , lunch…

Cambodia Demographics

November 22, 2018

Q/ What is Cambodian life expectancy ? A/ According to the CIA factbook Cambodia life expectancy is from round 63 – 71 for Men and women 68 ), which is a big improvement on 16 for Men 1977! CIA factbook for Cambodian People Q/ What is the population in Cambodia ? A/ The population is…

Cambodia eVisa and Entry points

May 12, 2015

There seems to be a lot of confusion about Visa’s, how much they cost and where and when to get them, and finally what to do on arrival. To help deal with this,the government decided  to set up some e-visa system, and some customers have applied for a e-visa online, and it does speed the…