Cambodia eVisa and Entry points


There seems to be a lot of confusion about Visa’s, how much they cost and where and when to get them, and finally what to do on arrival.

To help deal with this,the government decided  to set up some e-visa system, and some customers have applied for a e-visa online, and it does speed the way through immigration avoiding some of the queues.

My customers have told me that this site is legitimate and efficient… in fact very helpful.

There have been many fraudulent sites..

While this online system was created to stop the over-charging by immigration guards, there are still some things to watch out for:

When you arrive by plane, Angkor Air for example, fail to hand out the necessary immigration cards. Armed with your e-visa you may think are not required, after all this is 2015 and you have the printed e-visa, …but they are indeed required.

As you land and enter the arrivals halls, it can be very crowded, and likely no one will show you where they are. Once you reach the immigration booths, if you don’t have the properly completed card they will either send you back, or I have been told sometimes ask for a ‘tip’, which is very uncomfortable for visitors.

Avoid any issues by having the arrival card completed, and your passport and printed e-visa ready to how.

Expect a similar experience at the Land Crossings.

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