Cambodia Demographics


Q/ What is Cambodian life expectancy ?

A/ According to the CIA factbook Cambodia life expectancy is from round 63 – 71 for Men and women 68 ), which is a big improvement on 16 for Men 1977!

CIA factbook for Cambodian People

Q/ What is the population in Cambodia ?

A/ The population is Cambodia around 16 million people.

Q/ How old are people in Cambodia when they get married ?

A/ – Countryside people get married early men from 18-30 years olds, women 16-25 years olds if women don’t get married till 25 and men till 30 or more it considers old people and hards to look for couples unless they are rich they can get more chance.

– City people get married latter than countryside people, women from 18-35 years olds and men from 25-35 years olds.

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