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Water buffaloes

October 8, 2019

Cambodia is an agriculture country so there are many types of different farmer use different ways to plow the land for their farming so some people use engine, some people use ox and some people use water buffaloes to plow their land to do their rice cultivation.

Cambodian breakfast

October 8, 2019

Cambodian people love to eat Chinese noodles or Cambodian noodles for their breakfast but still have a lot of Cambodian people prefer to eat rice with fried porks, or fried chicken because eating rice could stay full last longer than noodles and those people mostly farmers who work very hard in rice fields.

Children selling souvenirs around Temples

March 12, 2019

When you visiting temple in Angkor area you will see a lot of children who carry their baskets and selling souvenirs to you especially Angkor Wat and Ta phrom temples. Those kids are born in the village surrounding the temples so they are selling things for tourists to help financial their families. Most of them…

Cambodian Smoke fish

February 22, 2019

Cambodia we have one traditional foods made from fish we called ” Smoke fish ” smoke fish usually made from the fishermen family who live along Tonle Sap lake or along Mekong river. Smoke fish is famous to all Cambodian people because we can keep to eat for the whole year around and it sold…

Cambodia Tourism

January 26, 2019

When you talk about Cambodia, everyone will knew about Angkor Wat temple. Cambodia is very rich culture with a lot of ancient temples , Cambodia has 3,000-4,000 ancient temples. There are 2,000 been rediscovered in 2005. In the among of them the most beautiful temples are in Siem Reap Province. The most beautiful temples are…

Cambodian people background

January 19, 2019

There are 3 major nations living in Cambodia for many years. They are Cambodian chinese, Cambodian Muslim and typical Cambodian people and those people make a living from different jobs – Cambodian chinese ( they are traders, selling things and businesses… ) – Cambodian Muslim ( they are fishermen and they mostly live along the…

January 2, 2019

Open and close time for Night Market

December 30, 2018

Q/ What time does night market open & close ? A/ Night market open at 5pm and close by 12 midnight. Q/ What can we buy at night market ? A/ We can buy a lot of local souvenirs, handicrafts, paintings…etc. Q/ Are there a lot of activities in night market ? A/ There are…

Population of Siem Reap province

December 27, 2018

Q/ What is the population of Siem Reap province ? A/ The population of Siem Reap province is 896.309 people ( 2008 ) Siem Reap population increased very fast because there are a lot of people from all around Cambodia coming to live in Siem Reap since it is the best tourists city. There are…

Population in Siem Reap city

December 27, 2018

Q/ What is the population in Siem Reap city 2018 ? A/ The population in Siem Reap city around 140,000 people in 2018 Siem Reap city is the most interesting place for tourists including western tourists and local tourists. Since the year 2000 after the Khmer Rouge has reintegration with Cambodian government in 1998, Government…

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