Children selling souvenirs around Temples


When you visiting temple in Angkor area you will see a lot of children who carry their baskets and selling souvenirs to you especially Angkor Wat and Ta phrom temples. Those kids are born in the village surrounding the temples so they are selling things for tourists to help financial their families. Most of them are going to school but only till secondary school maximum because high school is too far for them especially studying at high school cost too much money so most of them give up after secondary school. Life in Cambodia is not easy so we need a very big effort to be successful. Life for people in countryside will not be change too much unless you are smart and lucky.

Q/ should you buy something from them ?

A/ I think you should because it will help their families financial and they could earn money to go schools. Those kids are most individually from different families and they are not under gangsters or drugs dealers so buying things from them mean a lot for their everyday life.

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