Cambodian Smoke fish


Cambodia we have one traditional foods made from fish we called ” Smoke fish ” smoke fish usually made from the fishermen family who live along Tonle Sap lake or along Mekong river. Smoke fish is famous to all Cambodian people because we can keep to eat for the whole year around and it sold every local market in Cambodia.

Q/ How does smoke fish made ?

A/ here is the smoke fish processing

– clean fish, stick up the fish on bamboo, dry them on sun until it has no more wet, then they put them on top of the fire which use cow shit, buffaloes shit, some type of woods in some area. They put those fish on top of fire around 1.3 meters high to be able to get all the smoke and hit from those fire. They keep put more fire until the fish change color to dark brown after they taste if it cooked or good enough to sell in market then they put it down from fire.

Q/ how can they sell those smoke fish?

A/ it is all depending on how big the family could make their smoke fish. If small amount of fish they just sell around local market next to their village is enough but if some family make a living only by making smoke fish they will bring them by remork ( well known as Tuk Tuk ) to sells themselves at bigger market to sell to vendors and vendors will sell to people for profits.

Q/ What kind of food can we cook from this smoke fish ?

A/ we can make a lot of food with smoke fish such as ( mango salad with smoke fish, Brohoeu soup with smoke fish…etc ).

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