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When you talk about Cambodia, everyone will knew about Angkor Wat temple.

Cambodia is very rich culture with a lot of ancient temples , Cambodia has 3,000-4,000 ancient temples. There are 2,000 been rediscovered in 2005. In the among of them the most beautiful temples are in Siem Reap Province. The most beautiful temples are

1/ Angkor Wat 2/ Bayon 3/ Ta Prohm 4/ Preah Khan 5/ Banteay Srei 6/ Beng Mealea 7/ Banteay Samré 8/ Phnom Bakheng 9/ Banteay Kdei 10/ Pre Rub.

Cambodia started to reopen for tourism from the years 2000 after the Khmer rough made reintegration with Cambodian government in 1998. Tourists starting slowly to come to visit Cambodia after the government announced them to come but they still concerned about their safety until the internet has been very powerful so they can reads online about how safety Cambodia so that why now there are so many tourists visit Cambodia these days, Cambodia has 4 millions visitors in 2018 and expected to have 10 millions in 2020.

Q/ How many tourists city in Cambodia? Where should tourist visit ?

A/ there are 4 major tourists city in Cambodia

1/ Siem Reap ( Visiting Ancient temple, waterfall and Lake ). Siem Reap tourists should stay 5days )

2/ Phnom Penh ( visiting Royals palace, genocide museum, National museum, Wat Phnom and Killing fields ). Phnom Penh should stay 3days.

3/ Sihanoukville ( seaside visit beach ) should be 7days because they have different beaches.

4/ Battambang ( visiting temples, Bamboo train, traditional house from 1960, and agriculture). Battambang tourists should stay 2days.

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