Wat Bo Pagoda – Siem Reap


Wat Bo Pagoda located right in the centre of Siem Reap city. Wat Bo is an oldest pagoda in Siem Reap province and one of the best Pagoda to visit when you do the city tour in Siem Reap city.

Wat Bo pagoda is religious place where the Buddhist monks, lay men and women live for meditation , practice and teach Buddhist religion to ordinary people.

This is a place where khmer people go for holiday, places where villager go and practice their religious and celebration including Khmer New Years, water festival, Phjum Ben festivals…etc.

Please go there and visit because there is an old pagoda which build centuries ago , old traditional style and wonderful carvings plus amazing pictures.

Q. Why should we visit Wat Bo ?

A. The reason why you should visit Wat Bo because it is an oldest pagoda in Siem Reap and a lot of ice building including an old temple made of concrete centuries ago.

Q. Where is Wat Bo pagoda ?

A. Wat Bo located in Wat Bo village, around one kilometers from old market mostly walking distance.

Q. Which time should we visit pagoda ?

A. The best time to visit pagoda is early morning around 5am because you could see the monks get up and make their religious practice, learning and praying every morning. 

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