Eating Bugs & other creep crawlies


There are so many things to do around Siem Reap city: The temples, the lake, the floating markets, apsara dancing show, and night life activities and yet surprisingly popular with our customers has been eating some fried bugs.

Usually available from around 17:30 we can find a variety of bugs to eat.

Even for some Cambodian people Siem Reap has an especially wide variety of bugs and other crawling things to eat.  One of the best places to try these is at one of Siem Reap’s Local hangouts  “60 ROAD”  which is around 2km from the city centre, where we can find grasshoppers , crickets , tarantula, bamboo worms, locusts, water bugs, small frogs, tiny snakes, and beetles …etc ).

The markets are supplied each day by local hunters, then cooked by local vendors who specialize in this cuisine of the future, knowing just how to cook them to avoid unpleasant odor and taste. Usually, crickets, locusts, grasshoppers and beetles are fried with garlic, lemongrass, lemon leaf, chili , sugars…etc until crispy and delicious.

My favorite is bamboo worms which have enjoyable texture and taste great.

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