Kulen Mountain


Kulen mountain is one of the most popular mountain destinations for both local and foreigner tourists. Located within Siem Reap province,  around 70km from the city or 40km from Angkor Area, it usually takes us around one hour’s to drive to get there.

The drive is especially  interesting as we can see local villages with stilt houses ( Cambodia traditional house ), rice fields and we can stop to see people producing sugar palm. Closer to the mountain we can see some plantations for such fruits as mango, dragon fruit …etc.

In earlier times, Kulen mountain was used by the kings for meditation. On top of this mountain we can see three main attractions: a reclining Buddha, river of 1000 lingas and the biggest waterfall in Cambodia.

  1.  Reclining Buddha was carved in 16th century on the stone mountain 18 meters high and the Buddha itself is 2 meters by 10meters it considering the best places for local people ask for happiness and good luck.
  2.  The river of 1000 Lingas is the great places to watch because they carved the shiva Lingas along the river bathe. It is the places where people go to wash their bad luck and get happiness after washed the water across the Lingas carving because they believe that that water become holy water so they thought that they will be lucky after shower with holy water.
  3. The biggest waterfall in Cambodia after long walk to see the Buddha and shiva Linga we can have a refreshing swim in the clean, cool water coming out of the jungle and mountain especially from the rock of the holy mountain.

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