Angkor motor bikes


Heading Home

In Cambodia, enforcement of laws regarding the number of people, helmets etc is somewhat flexible, and as a result families with only one bike can still get everyone where they need to go. A typical scene in the streets of Siem Reap in the afternoon – with friends and family sharing a ride home.


Chickens – Khmer Motor Bike

On the way to market

Travelling around Siem Reap you will often see pigs being transported by motorcycle. The may seem very cruel but these pigs have actually had a much better life than most, having been ‘free range’ so to speak until the unfortunate day they go to market. Usually this is from small farms and not large piggeries…


This Khmer woman is transporting the corn from her farm probably to sell at a big local market. Usually this type of corn is organic with no chemical which is valued in Cambodia for the usual reasons of safe & healthy. Most rural Khmers grow some fruit or vegetable behind their house to supplement their…

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