Angkor Area Temples Tips


As you might expect the most common request we get is for Angkor Wat and it certainly is a MUST SEE for all new visitors to Siem Reap, so let me share some thoughts about it.

Siem Reap, Angkor Wat and Angkor area temples have become very, very popular in recent years, so trust me when I say it can be very hot, very crowded and very tiring, so let me make some suggestions to help you enjoy this icon as much as possible.

Buy your temple pass around 5pm

If you buy your temple pass late afternoon just before the booths close you can enjoy a little better value for money as the single day for example can be used that night, and for the sunrise the next morning as well as the normal day. As Temple Passes alone are $20 per person per day, so many people opt to spend start their single day late afternoon the day before, get up early for the sunrise, spend all day in the angkor area before utilizing this pass at sunset.

Traveler Tips

The hours you can buy an Angkor Area Temple pass


Go early…

The sunrise at Angkor Wat and it’s reflection in the lotus pond is a memorable experience, if only because so many people line the edge of the pond even before light, which gives a hint for the savvy traveller; Angkor Wat itself is mostly empty at this time.

Go late…

The sunset is also magnificent, but there are quiet places to watch it from and the very busy ones.

Remorks or Cambodian Tuk Tuks

Tsk Tuk’s are fun, and great for short trips from you hotel and around the Angkor Wat Temples, they are more fun from December to February when the weather is cool, or where you plan a short trip.

Tour Guide…

Only licensed Temple Guides can legally accompany you around Angkor Wat temples, and they know their stuff.  At Angkor Cab we provide air-conditioned transport, and we can arrange Licensed Tour Guides at your request for around $35 to $45 a day, depending on how early you wish to start.

Personally I prefer to take you to these quieter places, further way, where I can accompany you inside and explain about local customs and oddities.


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