Prasad Thom at Koh Ker group 


Prasad Thom now known as Koh Ker Temple was built during the reign of King Jayavarman IV and Hashavarman II in the years 928-944 AD. It is located around 120km (75 miles) from Siem Reap city and was the capital city of the Khmer Empire at one time. This amazing Temple has 7 levels and is 36 meters high (over 118 feet) with sturdy wooden steps at the northern side leading to the top. The view is spectacular as you can see dense green jungle for 360 degrees to the horizon. We can travel to Koh Ker by car as the roads are all well paved now but not so in the fairly recent past. It is a very interesting drive from Siem Reap city because there is a lot to see such as the local people, cows, water buffalo, rice fields, tapioca, banana, mango and rubber plantations. It is very green almost the entire way in the rainy season and quite green in the dry season too. We can combine it with a visit to Beng Mealea of the Angkor period, the great jungle temple, on the same day. This temple has been left in its natural state and is fascinating to explore. It will be a truly memorable day.


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