Kompong Phluk កំពង់ភ្លុក


Kampong Phluk is a flooded village of perhaps 700 stilted houses located around 30km from Siem Reap city, which about an hour by car to get there.

During there dry season from January to March egrets (herons) migrate from Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary, 50km south west and come to Kampong Phluk to feed on the fish.

As the ware level continues to decrease the houses, built from Cambodian jungle hardwood, on poles 8 to 12 meters high look outrageously high compared to the water. In fact during this time the villages built some more temporary structures only 4 meters off the river bed, perhaps 3 to 4sqm, where they stay for a few months attending the fish farms. When rains return and the water rises they dismantle these houses and move back to the higher ones.

Each house is home to a family often of between 4-8 people who’s living derives from traditional lake fishing and fish farming close to the house.

Along the way we can view the countryside, local villages, cows, water buffaloes and other sights.

Getting to Kampong Phluk

As there is no bus service, get a tuk-tuk car or minivan from around an hour or more from Siem reap, then jump on a motor boat for about $20 a person, more if you want to go alone.

Along the way you will see a flooded school, flooded pagoda, flooded jungle, fish and crocodile farms. For the more adventurous you can get a smaller boat, paddled by a local for about $5 per person which will take you from the edge of the jungle to within.

Once in the jungle you get a feeling of what it’s like for the local fishermen, and get to see the the strange creatures living there. These paddle boats can take you much closer to the houses in the wet season.

Kampong Phluk កំពង់ភ្លុក – Floating Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Either of these tours (or both) which I would love to take you on are amazing experiences of this natural wonder of Cambodia which you will truly enjoy and always remember.


Floating Village, Siem Reap

Kampong Phluk កំពង់ភ្លុក – Floating Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia



Q. How do villages make  living ?

A. From fishing in Tonle Sap and from fish farms attached to the house.

Q. How do the fish farms work ?

A. the Villages often buy small fish which are placed in bamboo & net cages 3 to 6 sqm.

Q. What do the fish eat

A. Rice stems and husks mixed with water lily leaves.


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