Kompong Kleang floating & Flooded village

February 7, 2017

Kompong Kleang located at southeast of Siem Reap city around 60km we can get there through national road number 6 and it take about an hours drive.  Kompong Kleang is the best village to visit if you compare to other floating village in Siem Reap such as Chong Khneas or Machrey because you could see…

Floating Village, Siem Reap

Kompong Phluk កំពង់ភ្លុក

November 20, 2016

Kampong Phluk is a flooded village of perhaps 700 stilted houses located around 30km from Siem Reap city, which about an hour by car to get there. During there dry season from January to March egrets (herons) migrate from Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary, 50km south west and come to Kampong Phluk to feed on the…

Kampong Kleang កំពង់ឃ្លាំង

November 12, 2016

Getting to Kompong Kleang which is 45km from Siem Reap is a little more expensive than the nearby circus otherwise known as Chong Khneas, but in contrast to that grubby hassle, Kampong Kleang is a very nice village full of local village houses and a school which I think you will enjoy. In fact it is rating…

Tonlé Sap ទន្លេសាប

Floating village of Mechrey

November 12, 2016

To get to this floating village it takes around 30 minutes by car from Siem Reap city. Along the way we can see Cambodian villages, duck farms, rice fields and the local people going about their daily activities. As you travel around Tonle Sap Lake by boat you will see the local people living in…