Traditional Khmer rules for men and women


Many Cambodian women are expected to follow some archaic rules like:

  • No sex before marriage  & No boyfriend
  • Come back home before sunset
  • Obey parents decisions including their choice of husband – arranged marriages are still common
  • Study only till primary school after which their parents will force them to stop as they are expected to become just a house wife after marriage.

Rules for men:

  • Men need to study hard or get working skills  because they are expected to support the whole family after marriage.
  • Hand over their income to their wives (some men who keep it all are treated like ‘Lady Boys’)
  • Men need to become a monks at least one time to learn buddhist virtues such as patience, gentleness and understanding, and as a form of gratitude and respect to their parents for  bringing them up.

People mostly living depending on agriculture ( rice, corn, potato , tapioca …etc ) people still living and crowing all agriculture by their old tradition like cows or Buffaloes for transport their stuff from and to their fields. 

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