Buddhism in Cambodia


Khmer people are mostly relaxed Buddhists, that is they follow similar beliefs to Thais but are rather less obsessive about it.

4 rules for the Cambodian buddhist

  1. No lying 
  2. No stealing someone else’s spouse
  3. No consuming alcohol 
  4. No annoying other people

All buddhist people need to follow these 4 rule for their living. 

Cambodian people over 60 years old should go to a Buddhist Temple every week….

Some Cambodian follow a very strict form of Buddhism call  Tera Vada Buddhism – which is similar to Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka and PUMA. 

The monks can eat two times a day Morning and Noon, but not in the evening. The monks need to beg rice from people each morning, and teach the people how to give and how to be happy and be buddhists.

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