Kampong Kleang កំពង់ឃ្លាំង


Getting to Kompong Kleang which is 45km from Siem Reap is a little more expensive than the nearby circus otherwise known as Chong Khneas, but in contrast to that grubby hassle, Kampong Kleang is a very nice village full of local village houses and a school which I think you will enjoy. In fact it is rating very well on trip advisor, perhaps because it is an unpopular destination, and which therefore avoids the majority of tourists who just accept the offer to see ‘The floating village” and who get ferried off to the much more popular, but quite awful Chong Khneas.

Kompong Kleang is one of the unique villages where people make a living by fishing rather than being gawked at by tourists. The drive is pleasant enough passing many Cambodian Villages on the way.

Kompong Kleang is the only village where you can see both floating village and flooded village at the same village.

As you might expect we need to catch a boat for the final leg of the journey which adds USD$20 per person to the price, which is the same as Chong Khneas and a lot more enjoyable as you get to see fishing farm,s villages, school, church …etc.

Life there very simple, friendly people, a lot of local kids running around village on the way sometimes of the years we can see local grow different vegetables but some season not but still very nice drive there.

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