Kompong Kleang

We usually visit the flooded village of Kompong Kleang after a local traditional lunch, …depending on our morning activity.

Along the way we try to make the most of your time, and maximise the experience by stopping whenever you want to see take some photos,  look at something unusual, try some local food like ‘sticky rice in bamboo, see ‘smoked fish’ at various stages of processing or simply chat with some locals with the help of your driver . Feel free to ask for a detour for something your have heard about, if it it can be done without too many extra kilometres and/or time we won’t charge extra.

If you like we can make  a fantastic boat trip past around 2500 houses on poles of about 8 to 12 meters designed to deal with the huge seasonal rise and fall of Lake Tonle Sap.

During the dry season these houses become so far above the water that the locals make smaller temporary housing lower down so they can fish and tend their fish farms, which are just large cages tethered to the houses where  fish are raised by the locals villagers in a way little changed since the glory days of Angkor Wat.

We usually end the tour at Chon Prolay where about 300 families live in a floating village, before taking you back to your Siem Reap hotel, restaurant or other nearby place.

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