Battambang tour


Q/ Can we do one day trip for Battambang province from Siem Reap city ? What can see there ?

A/ Yes you can do one day trip for Battambang province and you can cover , Battambang market, french quarter, Bamboo train, Banan temple. But if you stay overnight in Battambang you can also see bat cave as well especially on the way back you can stop by Banteay Chhmar temple before head back to Siem Reap.

Q/ What is the population of Battambang city ?

A/ The population of Battambang is 150 thousands people.

Battambang considering the most beautiful people since all Cambodian film stars mostly are from this province. Battambang rich of agriculture because it has a very good farmland so they don’t really need much fertilizer to grow their crops. Battambang mixed with a lot of different fruits such as ( sweetsop, mango, papaya, pineapples, orange, durian, guavas…etc ) all those are seasoning fruits.

Q/ what is special to see in Battambang city ?

A/ You should see Banon temple, ride the bamboo train, seeing Phsar Nut market and watch bat cave in the evening.

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