Apsara performance – Traditional Cambodian Dancing


Apsara អប្សរា is short for  Tep Apsara (very beautiful women), but usually refers to the Apsara dancing performance which in previous times were only performed before the king or royal family due to the  sacred nature of the dance. Fortunately now we treat visitors to Cambodia as though they are royal, and you are welcome to watch this performance.

The Apsara dancers train from a very young age because the dancing is very difficult to learn. The Apsara dancers need to bend their hands very gracefully and this takes 6 years to learn. They have to learn 1500 hand movements and each movement has a meaning. The dancers are sewn into their tops before each performance so they fit perfectly. Apsara dance has been our traditional dance for hundreds of years and we continue to teach this intricate dance from one generation to the next.

After an interesting day walking around the temples, visitors can relax and experience an Apsara dance performance whilst enjoying a buffet of genuine and delicious local Cambodian food at the very reasonable price of just 12USD per person. This is excellent value and better won’t be found in Siem Reap for such wonderful food and entertainment.

Don’t miss this special evening when visiting us! I am happy to book it for you.

formerly only for royals to see

In the old days only performed before royalty and now avialable to tourists visiting Cambodia as though they are royals!

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