Which country colonized Cambodia ?

Cambodia been colonized by France from 1863-1953 we received independence from France on 9th November 1953.

Where does Cambodian pepper come from ?

Cambodian pepper originally from India in the year 1840.

Where does Cambodian pepper grow in Cambodia ?

Cambodian pepper grows mainly in Kompot province but now there are many provinces starting to grow like , Kompong Cham, Preah Vihear, Siem Reap , Mondokiri, Ratanakiri… etc

Cambodian people grow rice how many crops per year ?

Cambodian grow rice one to three crops per year depending on which part they live ?
– People living high hill or mountain area they only one time per year because they grow rice depending on rain water.
– people who live along Tonle Sap lake they grow rice two to three crops per year.

What time does night market open & close ?

Night market opens 5pm and closes around midnight.