Preah Vihear

Preah Vihear ( ប្រាសាទព្រះវិហារ ) is an ancient temple located in Preah Vihear province Cambodia , temple built on top of Dangrek Mountains 525-metre ( 1722ft ).

We can reach this temple from Siem Reap city by buses , Van or private taxis, around 240km. It take around 4hours to get there.

Angkor Cab private and customizable tourPreah Vihear starts anytime you want to go before  7:00am at your Siem Reap hotel, where you’ll meet our  cautious, knowledgeable, English speaking local driver who can discuss with you any last minute variations to your full-day adventure.

Sit back and relax in our air conditioned lexus for up to 5 passengers or  minivan for larger groups.  You have a long way to go, so we aim to keep you comfortable.  We have a few hours to drive the 240 km – and with each one we get  further from the crowds of Angkor Wat.

We usually schedule a stop at Anglong Veng Market which is half way there, or another place if you like.

It usually takes at least 2 hours to explore the 5 levels of this massive structure which took the reigns of two kings to build, namely  Suryavarman I and Suryavarman II during the 11th-12th centuries. Preah Viher is UNESCO listed, Hindu, Sandstone, “Paradise Temple” dedicated to Shiva is one of the principal deities of Hinduism.  Sitting atop Dongrek mountain at 525 meters(1722 ft) is considered the highest temple complex in Cambodia, so you can also enjoy many different scenes of natural beauty looking out over the  scenic plains.

As the road from the car park to the temple is very steep; and quite far it is probably too hot to walk so we usually jump into a pickup truck which takes about 20 minutes. The return trip is  25 USD per truck/return – or if you like you can try a motorcycle for 5USD per person. The entrance fee is 10USD per person with your passport required to purchase the ticket. Enjoy lunch at the top or near the car park, the tour is flexible and just for you. Typically guests like to enjoy the traditional Cambodian traditional food.

If you are into Dark Tourism, in on the way out or back we can stop at the  Pol Pot cemetery.

We are usually back at your hotel by 6pm. Alternatively as Preah Viher is close to both thailand and Laos some visitors like to be dropped at one of the quieter than Poi Pet border crossings for example Chaom which can be included in the standard tour, optionally the further away but more popular crossing near O’Smach.

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