Koh Ker ប្រាសាទកោះកេរ្ដិ៍

This private, customizable tour begins, ideally around 7:30am in the morning, in front of your Siem Reap hotel. It’s an early start to beat the crowds and minimize your time in the midday heat. Outside your hotel you will be greeted by our experienced, english speaking local driver. Feel free to ask for variations on this tour  – as long as they fall within the same the time and distance – it’s your day and we want to take you ‘off the beaten track’.

The first scheduled stop is 120km away, at Koh Ker, one of the last areas in Cambodia to be de-mined it has had relatively few visitors until recently, and remains much quieter than anything around the Angkor Area.

With far fewer visitors you can relax, take your time and feel much more like you should feel when exploring ancient ruins.

Normally, the first temple we visit is the Pyramid Temple: Prasad Thom – literally the big temple, which was built in 928-944 AD, there are 5 levels and the temple is over 35 meters high. If you have the energy from the top view you can see kilometers of rice fields surrounded with jungle. Next up around 1km from here we go to see some of the largest Shiva linga in Cambodia at either Prasad Thneng, or Prasad Leung or both.

After touring the pyramid temple area, with your driver you’ll visit Prasad Bram, mostly famous for being engulfed by a strangler fig, this is one of the more popular photo stops for our clients. Prasad Bram means five temples, but we might say it’s now 3 towers at various stages of returning to the Jungle. Comparatively quiet, with few tourists, so you can feel calm and peaceful in the jungle with the birds singing.

After lunch we make our way to The Jungle Temple of Beng Mealea, stopping on the way if you like to see a local tapioca, banana, mango or rubber plantation along the way, as you like. Similar in appearance to more famous Ta Prohm but without same level of crowds, your are much more likely to feel like Indianna Jones at Beng Mealea than close to Angkor Wat. Spend the afternoon photographing the fascinating 12 centuries old temple, or just wandering about.

After visiting all these sites your tour will end around 6:30pm when you’re dropped at your Siem Reap hotel or restaurant.

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