Beng Mealea

We begin at 8 am at your hotel where you will be met by your English speaking driver and guide, who will take you straight to the exquisite Jungle Temple of Beng Mealea.

Enjoy a relaxing hour’s ride in our air conditioned sedan, minivan or minibus for the 65km drive north east of Siem Reap to Prasat Beng Mealea which had a strikingly similar floorplan to Angkor Wat but which has been mostly reclaimed by the Jungle, and therefore is usually called – The Great Jungle Temple.

Far from the worst of the Angkor crowds, you can wander around in relative peace without being bustled by other tourists. Beng Mealea has some reputation for being the set of movies like Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones, we are not sure how much filming was done here but you can enjoy the challenge of finding familiar scenes from these blockbuster movies. In any case Beng Mealea remains mysterious and therefore the perfect setting for such a movie.

Take your time exploring these very special ruins, and enjoying the jungle air and sounds of wildlife, or just walk around the massive moat with is over 1km. Consider while walking that this used to be a whole city with only the Temple being made of stone. Inside the first enclosure you can now, thanks to a French film called two Brothers walk around a large wooden walkway. While not as full of relief art as Angkor Wat, there is plenty to explore, including Naga balustrades, Khmer Gates (Gopurams), and two libraries as used to also exist in Angkor Wat. The loss of art and the ruination of Being Mealea is what makes the place so special, some may even say romantic.

After touring Beng Mealea with your driver will take you to visit local production of “sticky rice in bamboo ” where you sample this delicious snack and chat with the workers.

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