There is a lot of argument about how much personal data social media companies are collecting and keeping, and we feel the only way to have complete privacy protection from social media, is to never use them. You need to weigh the advantages of using social media against the cost to personal privacy.

These Social Media companies are all,  for profit companies supplying a free to use service in return for your participation, personal data, browsing and often purchasing habits, which they argue allows for targeted advertising – you can be the judge of that.

Although we have provided this service for linkedin, and other social media, we hate the way linkedin aggressively collects information from other services in order to spam all your contacts with connect requests.

If you value the privacy of your contacts please be very careful when using linkedin, especially which icons you click on while signed into other social media or gmail.  At the time of writing linkedin will often suggest you connect with colleagues, with the default options being to pull contact information from a variety of places including for example gmail. I have found it all too easy, when in a hurry to allow linkedin to gather all my gmail contact which have been built up over a 15 year period.